Edmonton Wedding Photographer

3 Unusual Questions to Ask Your Edmonton Wedding Photographer

Because weddings are real life events, the unexpected and downright "I can´t believe that just happened" occurrences pop up. Do you want them documented, or would you rather leave them out. The job of the Edmonton wedding photographer is to capture the essence of the day.

But, do you really want him to get the shot of Aunt Helen´s girdle as she had one too many and suffered "a little mishap."

Or your two-year-old nephew who "couldn´t hold it any longer" and wet himself right there on the dance floor.

Or your second cousin with the questionable reputation who found herself in an "unfortunate situation" with one of the band members.

These can either be situations for great laughs later on, or constant, painful reminders of the day that you´d all rather forget.

Letting your Edmonton wedding photographer know up front exactly what you expect him or her to capture is an excellent way to selectively remember the events of the day. To that end, following are three questions you might want to ask to judge if they´re the right Edmonton photographer for the job.

Edmonton Wedding Photographer Question #1

How would you handle a rude, uncooperative or inebriated guest? Professional Edmonton photographers are accustomed to handling unruly guests. After all, it just goes along with the territory.

And while your friends, family and guests are perfect angles, right, you want to know what they´ll do on the off chance that the wine starts to work overtime and the unexpected happens.

If you really want to judge them, ask the next question.

Tell me about a specific incident along these lines that´s happened and how you handled it. Posing this question to any Edmonton wedding photographer you´re thinking about using will do two things: (i) judge the forthrightness of the previous question; and (ii) tell you how much experience they probably have.

If an Edmonton wedding photographer has a lot of experience, they’ve been in awkward situations that require some fast thinking to either get the shot or avoid it all together. And, they´ll be able to relay it in detail. Those who don´t have a tale or two to relay probably don´t have that much experience, and/or are uncomfortable in those situations and don´t want to reveal the information.

Make it clear that you´re not looking for names to check out the story, you just want to know how they handled it.

What instructions do you give your assistants? Many Edmonton wedding photographers work with assistants. You want to know that their assistants will follow directions. So, ask them to give you information on how long they´ve worked with their current assistant, are they experienced in shooting weddings and are they good at following instructions - even though they may be a little unusual.

As you can see, finding the right Edmonton wedding photographer goes a little beyond asking about rates.