Edmonton Wedding

Edmonton Wedding

Every Edmonton wedding season ushers in new trends and fashions. Some are lasting, some are not. The "green" season is a new Edmonton wedding trend, and it looks like it´s here to say.

Eco-friendly Edmonton Weddings

Eco-friendly weddings, or green weddings as they are also called, are becoming really popular right now. Green can be a part of every aspect of your wedding, from wedding invitations to flowers to rings. Following are a few eco-friendly marriage ceremony tips if an Edmonton wedding is in the near future for you.

Eco-friendly Edmonton Wedding: Go Green With Invitations

As most wedding invitations made from paper, this is an excellent way to do your part for the environment and be eco-friendly. There are many types and styles of Edmonton wedding invitations in 100% recycled or partially recycled paper.

Of course, you cal also make your own invitations by buying recycled paper and other recycled products. This way, you can add a unique, individualized touch to your invitations.

Other paper areas you can make eco-friendly on your wedding day are place cards, bridal shower cards, engagement announcements, thank you cards, menus and more. Practically anywhere you use paper in your wedding, think “green,” as in environmentally friendly.

Eco-friendly Edmonton Wedding: Green Centerpieces

Another area where you can be environmentally friendly in your wedding preparations are your table centerpieces. As these already tend to be live plants, why not make them gifts as well. As in, plantable flowers and shrubs your guests can take home with them.

Even if the guests don´t take them, they can be donated to a nursery or neighborhood gardening center where they can be shared and appreciated by all. Also using other natural elements in your centerpieces that have been recycled, or can be recycled is a good idea. Rocks, twigs, seaweed, shells, mulch, etc. A creative floral designer can find any number of ways to use eco-friendly products to make beautiful center pieces.

To find, make or locate materials for “green” Edmonton wedding centerpieces, think outside the norm. For example, visit a nursery instead of thumbing through wedding catalogs. That way, you can speak directly with experts on which plants and flowers make the best centerpieces, yet are at the same time environmentally friendly.

And, don´t forget the vase, bowl or other centerpiece holder. Make it green as well. Recycled glass and other natural elements should be used here as well.

Eco-friendly Edmonton Weddings: Environmentally Friendly Wedding Rings

When most think of wedding rings, it´s all about the diamond. But, gold mining has a huge impact on the environment. Because chemicals are used in the extraction of gold, it changes the landscape from which it comes and produces tons of mine waste.

Additionally, it is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world and has been associated with human rights violations. You can do your part to stop all of this by saying no to diamonds. When shopping, look for "Green Bling," the newest accessory in wedding jewelry.