Edmonton Bridal Fantasy

The Edmonton Bridal Fantasy Show

The Edmonton Bridal Show is a hugely popular bridal show catering to Edmonton brides. This bridal show has been around since 1990, and it just keeps growing in popularity.

More than just a bridal show, Bridal Fantasy, the Edmonton bridal show is a social event. It´s a must for any bride to be.

What to expect at the Edmonton Bridal Fantasy Show

The Edmonton Bridal Fantasy Show offers a plethora of activities and events for expectant brides. It will get you even more excited about your upcoming nuptials. Following are a few of the events you can expect to indulge in at Bridal Fantasy, the one-of-a-kind Edmonton bridal show.

Exquisite Fashion Show: At Bridal Fantasy, brides are treated to a deluxe fashion show featuring all the latest fashions in bridal attire.

Beautiful models showcase exquisite gowns made from every imaginable material. There´s something for every bridal style, from the conservative bride, to the cosmopolitan bride to the more risqué bride - you won´t be disappointed.

After seeing the fashions here, if you´re a bride, your head will be spinning from the abundance of choices this Bridal Fantasy show offers. And, if your boyfriend is dragging his feet in proposing, you´ll make him speed up the process so that you can start to gleefully partake in the offerings you´ll find here.

Bridal Accessories: In the Bridal Fantasy fashion show, you will also see many bridal accessories. From the latest in head pieces to shoes, nothing is left to chance. You´ll leave knowing exactly what is available and in style this wedding season.

Bridal Makeup: Makeup trends vary from season to season. At Bridal Fantasy, you´ll be treated to what´s chic now. Your bridal make-up is an extremely important part of your bridal attire. Your make-up routine on this day will probably vary immensely from your usual everyday make-up routine.

Seeing the actual models in the makeup will give you inspiration for how you want your make-up to look on that special day. Most brides have a definitive picture in their heads of what they want to look like on their wedding day.

Testing colors, styles and brands of make-up is all possible at the Bridal Fantasy show. You get to see exactly what works, and what doesn´t.

Bridal Flowers: Beyond the personal attire for the bride, the Bridal Fantasy show also features information on the latest trends in flowers. You’ll find out which flowers are popular this season, get ideas for your bridal bouquet, be able to see in action which flowers work with which style of dress and so much more.

At Bridal Fantasy, you will also get ideas for centerpieces for your table. By seeing which flowers and arrangements are popular, you´ll start to formulate ideas for what you want and how you can put your own unique stamp on the floral arrangements for your wedding.

Brides have the chance to win tens of thousands of dollars in trips and prizes. So come on and check it out.