Edmonton Bridal Fair

The Edmonton Bridal Fair is an annual, popular wedding show that is a must attend event if you´re a bride to be. Following is what you can expect to find at this illustrious happening.

What to Expect at the Edmonton Bridal Fair

The Edmonton Bridal Fair is perhaps the most valuable few hours you will spend preparing for your wedding. There´s so much to see and do, you will want to drag all of your friends and bridesmaids with you, and recommend it to anyone you know who´s planning to get married.

Edmonton Bridal Fair Participants: Close to a hundred local professionals catering to the wedding industry participate in this well-know event. Many are experts in their field and have been in business for years. Because of this, you can be assured of getting the best service offerings from the best professionals in the bridal industry.

Many of these wedding professionals will take on the spot consultations to help you and your fiancÚ plan your special day. In fact, possibly the biggest advantage of attend the Edmonton Bridal Fair is the ability to plan your whole day in one fell swoop!

This saves time, money and energy. You don´t have to run around trying to find the perfect florist or the best deal on a dress, or an affordable caterer. They´re all at the Edmonton Bridal Fair, just waiting to serve you.

Edmonton Bridal Fair Fashion Shows: For brides, there is an exciting fashion show that showcases all the latest attire in bridal fashion. Bridal gowns with hand-sewn beading and accessories, dramatic veils and head pieces and shoes in various materials like silk.

Seeing it all in one place - and modeled to perfection - gives brides a first-hand look at what they can buy.

And, let´s not forget the bridesmaids. Bridesmaid wear is featured as well. Do you want them to be able to use their dresses for other occasions, do you want them to look like mini brides. There´s something for every bride to choose from for her bridesmaids.

Need a honeymoon wardrobe. Destination wear is featured as well. You can find the perfect outfits to take along on your honeymoon at the Edmonton Bridal Fair. Nothing is left to chance in this department.

Edmonton Bridal Fair Free Sample Offerings: There are plenty of free samples handed out at this event. If you can´t make up our mind, you´ll have plenty to choose from when you get back home.

Edmonton Bridal Fair Trips and Prizes: One of the best parts of this popular event are the prizes. Brides are eligible for tens of thousands of dollars in trips and prizes, including the chance to win a Fantasy Wedding Package!

Edmonton Bridal Fair Coupons & Specials: Saving money is critical when planning a wedding. The Edmonton Bridal fair has plenty of coupons and specials dispensed. That way you can still get what you want, but stay within your means.

For these reasons and more, you don´t want to miss The Edmonton Bridal Fair.